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At Spoiled Dog Houses, we carry all sorts of collapsible dog houses, cottage dog houses, dog beds, and so much more!  We believe that all pets deserve to be spoiled. Owning a pet is a lifelong commitment full of much satisfaction. Your pet gives you so much unconditional love, so why not spoil them? Reward them with any of our adorable selection of dog houses or dog beds which offer your precious pet a feeling of safety, security and comfort. We strive to provide quality customer service, from the time you place your order with us, until you receive the merchandise. We want your experience with spoileddoghouses.com to be a positive one and we are committed to going the extra mile in serving you. Your satisfaction is our number one goal. Contact us if you have any questions about our dog houses or dog beds on our website.  

Browse Our Products

Browse Our Products

SpoiledDogHouses.com offers a wide variety of adorable collapsible dog houses and pet carriers. Our deluxe dog houses will be loved by any pet owner who wishes to spoil their pet as well as the spoiled pets themselves.  Our pampered dog beds are sure to help your spoiled pet have a comfortable and restful sleep. SpoiledDogHouses.com will make any dog lover a satisfied customer, because their princess or prince will be one happy dog.   We ensure customer satisfaction with all of our orders.  The following product categories are available on our web site.
Check out our featured Collapsible Dog Houses!

Check out our featured Collapsible Dog Houses!

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Check out our featured Pampered Dog Beds!

Check out our featured Pampered Dog Beds!

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A Few Insightful Tips When Buying A Dog House

It’s a fact that every dog needs a house or a bed that it can call its own. Most pets and dogs are special and an addition to their owners and as such; needs to be treated with love and care. Just as we humans love to own properties which we can call our own, same thing applies to our dogs. The size and type of a dog house you decide to buy should largely depend on the size and breed of the dog. If you have small dogs then, you need small dog houses and dog beds. Dogs are very sensitive and love to be treated as special members of the family. One good way to show how much you love your dog would be by providing it with a secured insulated dog houses.

Importance of your dog size when buying a dog house

Large size dogs such as English mastiffs, Alaskan malamutes and Neapolitan mastiffs require large dog houses. There are countless places to get a very good dog house and there are also lots of ready-to-use collapsible dog houses and even colored dog houses such as a blue dog house. There are lots of companies that specialize in dog accessories, new dog houses and sometimes wooden dog houses. For those who prefer to shop online for dog houses, there are numerous websites that deal on dog houses. The size and the breed of your dog will determine the type of dog house you will settle for.

Every single dog really deserves its own pretty shelter with pampered dog beds. When choosing the type of dog house to get for your four legged family member, there are a few things you need to put into consideration. Some of the notable things are your dogs’ size, the location of you own house, the weather condition of where the dog house will be kept and also the security of the environment. There are various types of dog shelters to choose from when shopping around for a beautiful dog house and dog accessories.

Things you need to know before you buy a dog house

If you are buying a dog house for the first time, you need to have good information about the exact type of dog house your dog requires. Some dog owners prefer our rustic log cabin dog house for their dogs as a result or if its comfort; while for some would go for our deluxe dog houses.

When searching for a dog house on the internet

The internet is a good place to shop for dog houses as you will find lots of companies that major in dog houses for sale. It is easier for you to find unique dog houses on the internet as you will be presented with more options. People who are familiar with dog houses know exactly what to look out for when choosing a dog house. Some companies on the internet offer door to door delivery services for all dog houses purchased. This is most ideal when buying any collapsible dog houses as the house will be setup for free upon delivery. 

You need to also remember that during summer, that dog houses and dog beds are particularly known to be heated up; hence you need to place your dog house under a shaded at that time of the year and we here at spoileddoghouses.com have all your dog house, bed, and accessory needs all in one place!

Collapsible Dog Houses

We offer a wide selection of unique dog houses.  Our new dog houses come in a variety of sizes, and colors, such as, Pink, Tan and a Blue dog house.  Our Large dog houses will accommodate your larger size spoiled pet, while our small dog houses are perfect for any smaller size spoiled pet.  Our collapsible dog houses consist of three pieces and can be set up in a matter of seconds.  They are padded, well made, and sturdy.  Our dog houses for sale can also be used for cats, as well as any pet in your life that you wish to spoil.  Please make sure you shop our Collapsible Dog house section today.

Cozy Cottage Dog Houses
Our cozy cottage dog houses are made of MDF Medium-density fibreboard.  The roof flips and floor boards are removable for easy cleaning.  Please shop our Cottage Dog House section today.

Wooden Dog Houses
Our various styles of wood dog houses and Rustic Log Cabin dog houses are made of Kiln dried hardwood,  Fir Wood and solid wood construction with raised floors to protect your dog from the elements.  Please shop our Wooden Dog House section today

Dog Beds
Our selection of dog beds allows you to choose the one that is right for you.  Our pampered dog beds offer to keep your pet cool in summer and warm in winter.  Two inch strong thick foam sides support the bed.  These dog beds are super soft and comfortable.

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